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Hello, everyone!

I went through the entire anime again a few months ago and put together my very own Full Metal Panic! mood theme~ I wanted to be sure to share it with the community, because I know a FMP! mood theme tends to be hard to come by.

(Also, I'm just super proud of myself.)

Some Examples:

(In order: Good, Working, Confused, Busy, Determined, Silly)

There are only 2 or 3 repeated images; I tried my best to give a unique pic to each mood. 132 total. There are some from the first season, TSR and Fumoffu, though most of them are from TSR (since the animation is prettiest).

You can download the .zip file via MediaFire here.

Comments are much appreciated. Please credit fictionary if you use it. Enjoy!!

(And let me know if there's anything wrong with the link!)

Cross-posting this to fullmetalpanic.

Fic: Birds, Bees, and Bullets
Title: Birds, Bees, and Bullets
Author: Galaxysoup
Rating: R for language and innuendo
Pairing(s): Kaname/Sousuke, Kurz/Melissa
Category: Humor
Summary: In which Kaname is frustrated, Sousuke is (unfortunately) a perfect gentleman, Melissa Mao lives up to her reputation, and Kurz Weber lives down to his. In other words: Big Sister Melissa takes one for the team and gives Sousuke The Talk.
Warnings: Melissa’s version of situationally appropriate language. Also contains frank discussions of sexual practices and inappropriately applied military euphemisms. Set vaguely after TSR but contains no spoilers.

Birds, Bees, and Bullets

Image Gallery
Sailor Moon ✩ pretty heroine
This community needs to wake up. Be refurbished. I'd whack it with a harisen if I could.


In a previous entry regarding the downfall of and the lack of Dragon Magazine scans that resulted, I responded with a link to my Photobucket album--

Which...I only remembered existed just now...

--and figured many more of you could benefit from it: My FMP album

There you will find pictures from Dragon Magazine, as well as some Shiki Douji illustrations from the novels. I've also provided access to the anime screencaps in my sub-albums for those who are interested.

Well, enjoy! Happy New Year, everyone!

MIDI files?
Sailor Moon ✩ pretty heroine
Might anyone know where I could find MIDI versions of the Full Metal Panic! theme songs? I'm mainly looking for the TSR opening and ending themes; "Tomorrow" and "Karenai Hana" are easy enough to come by, as well as sweet background tracks and "Are Kara".

So yes, my targets are "Minamikaze", "Mouichidou Kimi ni Aitai"... And I think "Kimi no Yume" would sound pretty sweet, if it were to exist in .mid format. Please keep a look out, if you can!


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mercedes // can't let go can't get out
Hey dead community, listen up!

I'm guessing the answer is "no," but I'm wondering if the community can give me a hand here. had pretty much the only really good images gallery for the illustrations from the novels. It had all the inserts and covers and b&w images and everything from the Dragon Magazine stuff. And I discovered today to my utmost distress that the site has gone down! Aaah! Noo!

There are so many wonderful FMP images from that gallery that are gone forever now! Almost everything from Dragon Magazine is gone. Unless it ended up in the novel itself or one of the artbooks, it's missing in action ...

This is horrible!

Does ANYBODY have either a good robust image collection that they care to share, or another good source of scans of the Dragon Magazine artwork? I've spent hours searching but the collections on major image sites are WOEFULLY lacking and it seems like some of my favourite images have just been purged completely from the internet! Any help out there?

Light Novels?
Sailor Moon ✩ pretty heroine
(Though in all honesty, I wouldn't consider them light...)

Being the lazy bum that I am, I only discovered a few days ago that the series has come to a conclusion after a remarkable twelve years.

(Bravo, Gatou-sensei, bravo.)

Because I love it so much and because I'm willing to dedicate myself to it, I want to go through it all over again. And the anime/graphic novels are all well and good, but Full Metal Panic! is, for the most part, delivered in literary format. Now, as far as the novels are concerned, I'm really only caught up as far as somewhere in Continuing on My Own, along with occasional blog summaries I've stumbled upon. No, I have not read the ending. I can't even really remember what novel the last summary was from.

I really only remember that things got crazy disorganized after Boku-Tachi ceased their translations of the novels. This finally brings me to the main point of this post:

Might anyone be able to point me towards a site, or web page, or blog, etc. where I can download all of the Full Metal Panic! novels?

In complete form, not just summaries. I've managed to find and secure the salvaged Boku-Tachi translations of "The End of Day by Day" through "Continuing on My Own". If anyone could help me find everything after that, I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks much!!

Full Metal Panic Spinoff Novel Project Starts This Summer
Eden of the East // 'I need to see your
From ANN

"The wraparound jacket band on new volumes of the Full Metal Panic! Sigma manga is announcing that Kadokawa's Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint will launch a new Full Metal Panic! spinoff novel project this summer. The previously revealed collection of Full Metal Panic! short stories will also be published in the same timeframe. The story of the new novel project is set over a decade after the story in the original light novel series.

"Shoji Gatoh, the author of the original Full Metal Panic! novel series, drafted and supervised the new novel project, but Naoto Ōguro will be writing the actual text. Shikidouji is reprising her role as the novel illustrator, and Kanetake Ebikawa is contributing to the mechanical designs. Gatoh had indicated in January that "a little interesting project related to Full Metal is in the works."

"Last June, the North American publisher Tokyopop revealed its plans to publish the fourth and fifth volumes of the original Full Metal Panic! novel series in 2011. Tokyopop shipped the two volumes in one book in February before announcing that it will close its North American publishing operations this month. Full Metal Panic! centers around a mercenary group called Mithril on a parallel Earth in which the Cold War did not end in 1991. The final main volumes in the original novel series shipped in Japan last summer."

Oh, new novel series set 10 years afterwards. Hopefully we'll find out what happened to everyone after the end of the final novel.

Duty Calls.

Updating on this old and slowly dying community, I have to let it be known that the 4th (&5th?) novel(s) of Full Metal Panic has been released in America! I do believe that they have combined the 4th and 5th volumes of the original novel and won't translate more unless they feel they have sold enough of this volume.

I went out and bought it at the local Barnes & Noble's so here's a link to their site!

Sorry I don't know coding very well, but go out and SUPPORT FULL METAL PANIC!!!!

Shoji Gatoh Plans New Series, Full Metal Panic Short Stories
Eden of the East // Taxi Driver
"Novelist Shoji Gatoh revealed on his blog on New Year's Day that he is planning to write two new series and write a collection of Full Metal Panic! short stories. The Fujimi Shobo imprint will launch his new slapstick comedy, while Gatoh is still just starting his plans for another all-new series with mecha and weapons. In addition to the collection of Full Metal Panic! short stories, Gatoh indicated that "a little interesting project related to Full Metal is in the works."

"Gatoh's third volume of his ongoing Copcraft series will ship on January 18, even though he is still not quite finished with it.

"Last June, the North American publisher Tokyopop revealed its plans to publish the fourth and fifth novel volumes of Full Metal Panic! in 2011. Full Metal Panic! centers around a mercenary group called Mithril on a parallel Earth in which the Cold War did not end in 1991. The final main novels shipped in Japan last summer."

~ From ANN

Wonder what the interesting project related to FMP is?

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Guess who's back with more icons! 44 from Season 1, episodes 3 & 4. Examples:

The rest are here at globalsaturicon


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